Hello Today,

I think life is moving along without me can you help me? Today you made me happy at first but then you filled my room with your bright light called sunshine. When i saw you coming i knew i had to face life again. I then scurry out the bed to tend to my youngest two first. Diapers filled with joy and sippy cups filled too. Im so tired of looking at my clothes pile grow on the other side of my bed (ahhhhh!) Which i just cant seem to get to. Of course lets cook breakfast as i feel my feet sticking to the floor from something obviously spilled. Maybe i should get the mop i don’t have. Oh today, should I shower and brush my teeth but who is there to impress. It’s spring break lets have fun in this 50 degree weather.Maybe i should wash my clothes im so tired of wearing these saggy underwear or shall i call them my pregnancy panties. Today you are just so good to me.

Today, today , today oh how i love you. There are no more baby wipes and savanna just pooped. Cayden wanted to get dressed fast to go to the movies with Uncle gary so he put his pants and shirt and shoes on…Yes just those 3 things. Whelp! Who needs undies. Its lunch time, guess tuna it is  with cucumbers and tomatoes on the side.


Yep Today, im just stuck on the sofa still sucking my thumb and caressing a pillow at 29 years old.My left leg is all scratched up from my soccer game and now i getting a text to help a friend whose car is broke down.Lets load up my 4  children plus my niece whos visiting. Damn it Today, now youre making me get my lazy ass up and feel the cold wind and rain on my back.

So Today i want you to know i still love you, im just waiting patiently to meet your friend Tomorrow and see what she has in store for me. Untill then i must go. My sons are demanding i play. Kris Kross” Jump Jump”, or its off with my head!

My mind and body now consciously move slower without Damian, ill hold off because thats for your friend Everyday.

With Love



  1. Oh Shannon, you are a powerful writer. My eyes are full of tears, reading this post. It’s a heavy load you are carrying now–the needs of your children, the house, your friend, and then on top of that, the mountain of grief. Be gentle with yourself. Accept any help you can get, and don’t judge yourself–no lazy ass, just deeply grieving woman.


  2. “Dear Today” is an amazing post thank you for sharing your heart, experiences and challenges. My message to you is to keep on keeping on it will change and the hurt , torment, soul wrenching sorrow you feel will disappear sooner than you think. It will get better, you just have to keep wading through murky waters to the towards the other side. P.S Thank you for following my blog, there wasn’t an “About Me” page but I hope you don’t mind the comment. And again, a lovely post just keep on keeping on.


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